The hidden effects of the unhappy chef.

The hidden effects of the unhappy chef.

In business, we seldom consider what we don’t see, we seldom think about energy behind our food, its preparation and its presentation. Its time to begin to consider the energy in the kitchen and dining room.

The chefs job is difficult, even if the chef, loves cooking, the kitchen can still be hot, hostile and stressful and it is understandable that chefs and cooks can be in bad form in their environment, but what damage are they doing to the food in that state of being.

We can source the finest ingredients, the freshest produce, we can provide the most expensive pots and pans in the most lavish kitchens, we can present those creations on the most amazing plates or bowls, and yet, the food ends up lacking taste, or slightly bitter, or simply not satisfying. Resulting in unhappy customers, who will not return.

I am the first to admit that there’s no science behind this theory. However, two areas of my life have established my belief. My first realisation came when I was a child into my teens, I would see my Mum cook dinner for the family, when she was is great form, the food was amazing, when she was in bad from the food did not taste the same. I did not realise any of this until later in life when I was involved in the hospitality business, where I had the pleasure of observing several head chefs, chefs and cooks perform their creative duties with varying degrees of love and hate: What I have witnessed first-hand, combined with my childhood experience, is proof enough for me.

Over the years. I have come to realise that when anyone is cooking and they truly love cooking, something interesting happens when you watch that person at the cooker or range: The cooks pan becomes an extension of the cook, as you observe the seamless flow of creative energy, a passion and love for what they are doing, you begin to witness how the food itself becomes inseparable to the energic process. A positive energy flows in the energy field and brings to life the flavours of the food.

However, the same energic process applies when the chef or cook does not like cooking or indeed if they hate cooking and it’s just a chore. When you observe the chef or cook with their pan, you can tell immediately that there is a disconnect, a block in the energy flow and it is clearly apparent as they work their pans on the cooker or range.

When we love to cook and are happy cooking, the food will taste different. It will taste tasty, alive, wholesome and nutritious, yet when we cook when we are depressed, upset, angry, unhappy or just hate the job, the food becomes a reflection of our mood, our own dark energies, causing the food to be average at best.

The interesting observation is this, the customer cannot complain that the food is not fresh, or that the food is not cooked properly, or that the ingredients are incorrect, because its none of those things, it is more subtle and energetic. But the result is, the customer is unhappy.

After studying Holistic Wellness, Energy and Human Behaviour, I understand Universal Energy, I understand the human energy field expands beyond the human body to varying degrees of distance. This means that the emotions that start off inside our bodies, in our minds and in our hearts, expand outside our physical beings and therefore affect everything we touch and do.

Cooking should be a joy and not a chore. Chefs and cooks should not be cooking in kitchen if they hate their job, likewise, when they are feeling under the weather, irritable or simply not on form, they really should realise how they affect the food they are cooking and the knock-on effect that has on the business.

But it ‘s also important for restauranteurs to take responsibility for the kitchens that they provide along with the environment and surroundings. As restauranteurs we should ensure that the kitchen is a comfortable and safe place to work and provide the correct equipment and utensils so that the environment is not the cause of the chefs unhappiness.

Cooking should be fun and creative. You simply can’t have fun or be creative while under a cloud!

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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis