Is Location enough?

What makes a restaurant successful and what makes it Great!

Location is part of the picture.

We have heard over and over again location, location, location. That is relevent and is key, but is it enough to have an amazing location?

In few cases, yes! In most cases no.

My colleagues and I were visiting a prime, famour, tourist location recently, we stopped for lunch at a famous establishment. Because it is famous, we did not look at the menu, we wanted to experience this famous property.

Dark, Dismal and Dirty, we found a table for four, we were given the menus by a waitress who was more interested in what the other waitress was doing, the menu was far from traditional, limited in choice and a rip off, the food was appalling and the staff were no better.

Will they survive? Yes!

Why? Because the location is prime with little or no competition.

For the owners of establishment, there is no down side, other than the lack of pride in extending such poor amenities, food and service. But what about the customer, the tourist? What image and feeling do they leave this area with. How do they feel about the Irish culinary experience? Or does that really matter anymore.

Location is key for success to most restaurants, but if you find yourself in a prime location, dealing with non-returning guests, you can get away with almost anything, as long as you have no honour or integrity.

Successful restaurants, with few exceptions, need a host of complex structures to make them successful, they need a host more to make them great. Next time we will look at Dedicated Owners and Managers.

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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis