What makes a restaurant successful and what makes is Great!

What makes a restaurant successful and what makes is Great!

Hands on Owners or Hands on Dedicated Management are part of the picture.

There are different types of restaurant owners and I have to be honest and say, some restaurant owners are better off, not being involved in the operation and then again, some of them are.

Some restaurant owners are hands on, involved in the day to day operation and part of the team, this has its benefits and also its downside. The benefit is self-explanatory, the hands on owner works as part of the team at the restaurant. They work night aand day and become so involved with the operation, it cannot function without them. The latter is one of the downsides, the other is, the resale value of the business is limited, because the business is personal.

Other restaurant owners are not people persons. Those are the owners that really need to hide away from the customer and allow their management team do the front of house work. I have come across many of owners in my career, grumpy, sour faced, front of house greeters, that you want to run a mile from and regret that you entered in the door.

Whilst other restaurant owners are involved in their business, but not hands on and not in the forefront, meaning, that not many people know they own the restaurant. This of course will not work for the restaurateur who needs everyone to know that they own the restaurant. But this style of ownership has great merit.

Personally, this is my style of management, I have my fingers on all the buttons, I am aware of almost everything happening at my Restaurant, however, I am not the guy you will find at the front door or serving tables, or indeed cooking in the kitchen, or washing the pots. Althought, I have done all of the above, and eventually I found, as most do, my own style that works best for me. Mine is “fingers on the pulse, from a distance”

If you are a hands off owner, then hiring a great general manager and kitchen manager is essential. But just because you hire them, it does not end there, you have to train them to your style, guide them, assist them and mind them if you want them to manage your affairs in your absence.

Know the managers, learn about their families, know their likes and dislikes, discover their weaknesses, find out their vices, not to punish them, but to know them. Learn their shadow side. I learn all my staffs shadow sides by using personality profiling. See my website for details. www.TheConsultant.ie

Don’t expect because you pay someone really well, they will be loyal or honest. It requires more than money.

Next time we will look at Customer Care.

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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis