Is Customer Care important?

What makes a restaurant successful and what makes is Great!

Customer Care is part of the picture.       How can I help you?

What does Customer Care mean? When I was training, many many years ago, customers were KING. Customers were the most important part of your day, they were always right, they were always respected and cared for and they were revered, because without them, there was no business.

Customers were treated with respect and if they complained, their complaint was treated with importance. Today we seem to have a different idea of what customer care is.

I know from my own experience as a customer, I don’t feel restaurants, (but not only restaurant, other retail businesses also), have little or no regard for customers. Customers don’t matter anymore, customers are not important and in some places, customers are just a nuisance. But as customers, we accept this behaviour, instead of walking away.

Last week, my colleagues and I stayed at a leading branded hotel, the hotel fell far short of the brand standard, and when I complained, I was told, “sorry that you are not happy”, that was it.

As always, I simply do not return to any property where I feel my custom is not appreciated. In my own restaurant, we value every customer, ever comment, every cent that is spent and I am honoured and privileged that customers come to dine at my restaurant, for without those customers, I would not have a business.

Its interesting, if you google an image for Customer Care or Customer Service, you get hundreds of images of people with headsets on their head looking into a computer screen.

Next time we will look at Food Quality and Price.

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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis