Make a Positive Impact Today

We go to bed each night after our day but we never think about the negative or positive impact our words or actions have had on others in that day.

positive impactThe anger we have expressed.

The blame we have cast.

The deflection we have created.

The feelings we never expressed.

The hugs we never exchanged.

The hurt we have caused others through our words or actions.

We just assume we will awaken tomorrow and life continues on.

But what if we never awoken? What if this was the end?

For us. We would leave the planet and that is it. But what about the people left behind?

We leave so many stories untold during our day. We think “tomorrow” or “next week” to express how we truly feel.

But tomorrow may never come. Next week is a life time away.

Our actions, thoughts and communication can have both an instant and longstanding effect on both those we are familiar with and people we encounter who we may never have met and may never meet again.

Positive Impact on Strangers

Two recent stories stand out on how instant action and communication can have a profound effect on others and may have been simplistic and brief for ourselves.

positive impact



The first is the simple story of how giving 20p to a stranger altered a chain of events that would have a profound effect on that person. Posted on Reddit, the note reads:

“Thank you to the man who gave me 20p in the car park at West Middlesex Hospital last Tuesday morning when I found myself short for parking. Thanks to you I was able to see my father alive for the last time, he died that afternoon.”

A simple gesture will be a lasting memory for someone else.

The second involves more money and effort and shows that spreading positivity through these types of gestures can be the difference in the degree of misery that other people may be experiencing.

Just Give

When a lady wanted to buy a nutri- bullet for her cancer suffering mother so she could try alternative lifestyle therapies, the man she attempted to buy a second hand one from took the step of ordering and paying for a new one for collection near the ladies home.

positive impact nutribullet

The reply from the man is very apt here:

“Don’t say thanks to me. In fact thanks to you for giving me this opportunity.”

Acts of kindness and pro-active positive impacts not only have an effect on the person receiving them, they have a positive impact on YOU the giver.

These two stories, involve money however making a positive impact in most cases, costs nothing. Taking the time to stop, listen and communicate is free, and in fact it only costs time. Time that can be wasted in worry, doubt and anger, that instead, when altered can become time that makes a positive impact.

positive imapctOne such story is a boy who just used 3 simple words and changed a life. He noticed a man sitting on the edge of a bridge in Dublin who looked like he was about to jump off. He walked over and asked ‘Are You Okay?

Those simple words

Those simple words sparked a conversation that saw the man change his mind and walk away. From the bridge towards the next chapter in his life. The encounter, the words and the time taken in listening and having an interest in someone else saved a life and had a profound positive impact, not only on the man but his wider connections.

These are stories that made the media however little touches, gestures and life changing events for people are happening away from the public eye and are happening daily. These stories involve strangers, however so often it’s the people who are in your inner circle of family and friends that could benefit from simple gestures that will have a positive impact on them.


Make a Positive Impact Today

So think about how we communicate with others every day. How we speak to the people in our lives. How we treat those we truly love and care for.

Think about the lost opportunity to touch those you love or hug those you care for and remember, tomorrow just may not come.

So make the most of every moment we have with each other today

positive impact

Think about what you are doing right now and ask yourself. Is it important enough to ignore the signs of need from your loved ones?

Are you being a busy fool who is focusing on the things that you THINK matter but actually don’t?

Take the time to:

  • Listen
  • Ask Questions
  • Advise
  • Smile
  • Hug
  • Visit
  • Be there.

It will have a positive impact on them and it will have a positive impact on YOU.







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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis