Meet David Ellis

David Ellis is an experienced and successful businessman who began his own business career at the age of 19 years old. David remembers the moment he told his father, who was not a businessmen, nor were any of his siblings business people. His father, understandably thought he was mad! However, David is not a person who sits around and waits for opportunities to knock on his door, he actively seeks them out.

David has owned businesses ranging from hospitality, retail, consultancy and holistic services over the years and from each business, he believes that he has learnt from every single one no matter how tough the road was at times. He took over the eatery: The Shack in 1999 which is a homely and traditional Irish cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Temple bar. A self-confessed foodie and talented cook, David, takes great pride in creating dishes for customers who derive from all over the world. Such is his love for food and creating recipes David is currently working on a new cookbook titled “Cooking at The Shack” due to be released in the Autumn. Inspired by his own childhood and recipes adored by his family, this cookbook will be masterful, yet heartfelt.

Never one to shy away from constant learning he has continuously and admirably up-skilled taking on many different routes in his career. Proving that life doesn’t have to be boring and carrying the simple idea that you can transform your life if you have the determination to do so. While David enjoys the restaurant business, he was influenced by a life event that altered his thinking and it encouraged him to find himself and more training ensued.

In 1998, he became a therapist using his life experiences and academic learning, he began to help clients reduce stress in their lives and manage their debilitating anxiety. Today, he continues to be a successful practitioner in the areas of Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Colour Therapy, Reiki and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

David works with individuals on a one to one basis and works with corporate clients; facilitating groups, classes, workshops, seminars and meditation/mindfulness groups. He specialises in helping peoples stress management, both in their work and personal lives. Creating a serenity between life enrichment and corporate productivity, he encourages clients to have the ability to increase performance in both areas. David too, has suffered with depression and combines his own personal understanding of stress and depression in genuinely empathising with others and he boosts their individual healing and specific growth. He is a dedicated professional in helping people to overcome their issues and notably, is his advice on dealing with stress, self-esteem, confidence and addictions. David’s approach is Therapist Centred or Therapist Directive. This is where the therapist guides each session and inspires the client to take responsibility for their lives and take the many steps to resolve their inner battles.

David’s belief is that through non-judgemental, empathetic, reflective listening people can begin to communicate openly. He trusts that people have (within them) the tools to disengage from fears and anxiety. This allows anyone (no matter how tough their problem is) to be free of shame or guilt attributed to their problems.

Humble and approachable, David is not your “stereotypical businessman.” He is justifiably a go-getter, ambitious and self-motivated but he also exhibits real honesty and reliability. His accomplishments are paramount to his natural easy- going persona and although he admits to being fussy, it is hard to imagine a successful businessman who would never expect excellence, perfection and results.

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