10 Motivational Steps for the Workplace

10 Motivational Steps for the Workplace

We all have those days. The ones where you ignore the alarm call and dip your head under the pillow to avoid facing another day at work.

There can be many reasons why the comfort of the duvet can seem far more inviting than the thought of the workplace. You may not want to face a work situation that puts you out of your comfort zone or it may just be that you have grown tired of your job and the daily environment you work in. The reasons could even be more personal, nothing to do with the work itself, rather an inner lethargy or turmoil that may showcase symptoms of depression.


Whatever the reason, there are short term motivational steps that will assist you in making your way through a busy work day, or, dare I say it, winding down the work day with a feeling of accomplishment and even enjoyment.

Motivational Steps for the Workplace

#1 Focus on the Passion

While you are frantically pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock. Pause for a moment and think of three positive things that you are passionate about that are associated with your work day. These may not be directly related to work. It could be meeting friends for an evening meal or going to the gym at lunchtime.

However, there are things that in your foggy fear of facing the day, that slip under the radar and surprise you with the passion you feel for them during the work day.

These could be interacting with customers, designing presentations, a brainstorm with colleagues. Whatever they may be, pick the top three and conjure up the positive feelings that emerge when you are working these tasks. Hold onto that positivity and jump out of that bed!

motivational#2 List your goals

Sometimes we lack the motivational force to do something because we don’t actually know what we need to do!

If you wake up to a jumbled mess in your mind then enthusiasm will most certainly dissipate as you have no clear goals to conquer or achieve. We all actually have goals every day, they can be as simple as brushing your teeth and getting dressed, but if we don’t have a plan then it is so easy to choose avoidance over accomplishment.

So list the deliverables you need to get done today and the small goals (like brushing your teeth) will come automatically. There’s nothing as good as placing a big TICK beside an action and knowing that you have accomplished another task.

#3 Prioritise your day

The goals we just talked about …. Well prioritise them! The priority will depend on the type of person you are. By this I mean that if you are the sort of person who will procrastinate doing the tasks you enjoy then don’t start with those!

Get the tasks that you don’t enjoy out of the way first. You can use the good stuff as an incentive to plough through the not so good. This means that you know from the start that the day is only ever going to get better!

Sometimes we cannot prioritise according to our own wants or needs. This could be due to deadlines or routines in work that cannot be altered. If this is the case then the next step in the motivational drive will help.

#4 Automate Routine

When we are not able to prioritise our own day due to work constraints then a great way to achieve motivational success is to gain defined habits that are done without having to stop and think about the enthusiasm required to get through the tasks.

This helps with the small things that you know have to be done daily and if they become a routine then you can accomplish them, in a lot of cases, without having to focus your mind on how mundane it is.

An example is a waitress in a café. The routine of the waitress is to set up the tables every morning in order to have them ready for customers. When this task becomes routine, it can be completed whilst singing a favourite song or thinking about meeting friends in the evening. The focus of the mind and the emotion does not have to be on the task itself.

If you can do this, and make the small tasks a routine then you can use this escapism to brighten up what you initially thought may be a dull day!

#5 Reward your accomplishments

There’s nothing like an incentive to bring some motivational enthusiasm to the table! Make sure that for every task you do there is a small reward at the end of it. This doesn’t have to be massive. It could be that you relax with a cup of coffee for five minutes or you speak to a loved one. It could be a larger reward in the form of a bonus or time off.


The difference in these rewards is that the first is incentivised by yourself whilst the second is directed from external sources such as your boss or the Company you work for. You have no direct control over the second but you most definitely do for the first and, you have the advantage in that you know best the types of rewards that will be the most motivational for you!

So set yourself your own little rewards throughout the day and make sure you take full advantage of them. Take a taxi home instead of walk, stop at the park and eat a cake or go to a local café for lunch. These are just some ideas …. You know you so decide on the reward that will motivate you the best.

#6 Meditate

Before you leave the house for work or at appropriate times throughout the day, take time to put yourself in the right place mentally for each stage of the work day.

Use meditation to bring an inner strength, focus and calm that will enable you to deal with task situations as they occur. Your mental approach to the day is a choice you can make to determine whether it is a success or not.

Inner peace brings strength in coping abilities and enhances a positive and calm attitude that can provide motivational inspiration as the work day unfolds. So take the time to connect with you and your mind.

motivational#7 Take rest breaks

This is where you can meditate or reward yourself. Cherish the rest breaks between tasks and if you have the opportunity for a break when working then use it!

Rest breaks help you to take stock of the day and plan the next stages, connect with yourself away from the focus of the work you are doing, relax, breathe, communicate and rejuvenate.

So use rest breaks wisely. Don’t bring your work with you. Take time out for you.

#8 Manage your comfort zone

Your management of your own personal comfort zone enhances motivational forces yet it is dependent on the current state of mind you are in.

If you are feeling strong, driven and full of positivity for the day then it is the ideal time to push the barriers of your comfort zone as the ability to achieve will be emotionally greater and accomplishing more will just drive rocket fuel into your emotional euphoria!

This can also work for people who feel that they need to accomplish something outside of their comfort zone in order to bring them out of apathy. Think of the end goal and imagine the feeling you get when you achieve. If this is something that brings a smile and a lift to your emotions when you just imagine it, then go do it!

Alternatively, if you start the work day and know that your current frame of mind is not conducive to breaking motivational work barriers then take time out and stay under the radar for the day. We all have these days and there is nothing wrong with succumbing to them.

As long as you know that you then have a choice as to whether to stay in the comfort zone. Or move your way out of it. Only you can decide on this and make that choice every time you wake up and start the day.

#9 Stay in the present

This is a fantastic motivational technique as often times we are governed by thoughts of the overriding enormity of the day ahead. It can be so overwhelming.

Once you have planned and prioritised your goals, decided on your daily rewards. Along with incentives then break the day down into the present. Use mindfulness techniques to focus and absorb your thoughts and directives on the present moment.

Leave the worry of future tasks to the future. You have no control over them in the present but you do have control over the present. So make the most of each second.

This is an important step to motivational success as that second is yours.  Yours alone and you can use it as you choose, choose wisely. That choice is yours.

motivational#10 Manage Physical Health

This step has been left until last as it is an obvious step! Taking care of the physical ensures that you are in a good place to focus on taking care of the mind.

Exercise, movement and physical exertion provides a release from the constraints of the day. It brings a positive energy that is a strong contributor to the motivational influences that steer you through the day.

So, no matter how small it may be. Take the time to move the muscles and release the pressure of the day!

What other motivational tips do you have for the workplace?

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